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Shipped to your door, receive Culinary Inspiration Kits, including 3-5 hand picked mystery ingredients and/or kitchen tools that you may not otherwise discover. Each box contains 4 culinary challenges for you to create an epic dish using what’s inside your box—game on! Whether you create a masterpiece or major flop, you're asked to share it within the private Marinate Community, comment on other’s creations and vote for the best. Winner takes a prize! Whoop whoop! It’s so much fun!


Beyond contests, experiencing new ingredients and discovering cool emerging brands, members take part in social proof days supporting the growth of each other's blogs among peers and social networking accounts. The goal of this community is to inspire and bring together great culinary minds sharing cooking education, recipe inspiration and effective online marketing strategies to bloggers who want more followers and impact from their online presence.


On top of that, listen-in weekly to the Marinate podcast series of celebrity bakers, awesome bloggers, trend setting artisans and classically trained chefs as they spill the beans on food, trends, foodie life, how-to processes, ingredients and so much more—inspiration at it’s finest!

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Our team gets you set up. The Marinate's weekly podcasts, Facebook group, social proof days and culinary challenges kick off Nov 1st. For those who subscribe by October 7th, your initial Culinary Inspiration Kit ships and arrives by November 1st. Woooee! Do we have awesome goodies in store for you!

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